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MOTHERHOOD x IndieChic 007 // Hannah M.

#MOTHERHOODxIndieChic // no. 7 - Hannah is the momma to three beautiful kiddos, manager of our local lululemon store, and has completed an IronMan, which maybe needs to be renamed...

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MOTHERHOOD x IndieChic 006 // Courtney W.

This means that every milestone we have experienced during this past year - every smile, belly laugh, crawl or step - has been both a first and an only. Every...

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MOTHERHOOD x IndieChic 005 // Malia V.

I learned the hard way that we cannot do-it-all as mothers and more importantly, we cannot do it alone.   We were meant to do this mess together. 

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Alabama Baby & Child Magazine - January 2018

What an honor it was to be interviewed about this business, and what a wonderful publication! 

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Modern Embroidery