#MOTHERHOODXIndieChic // No. 3
As a mother of an almost four year old boy, I have realized I don’t understand boys at all. I find him doing the most impulsive things like a tiny daredevil. My husband finally sold the boy’s bunk beds because they were trying to grab the ceiling fan as they jumped off the top bunk 🙈 I yell too much, I try not to each day, but I fall short over and over. ‘Put that down’ ‘Get off of that!’ ‘Stop hitting’ ‘Self Control!!’ ‘What are you doing?’ I want to be a better mom to him, to understand him better. I may never get to that point, but I know I can show him love, forgiveness and gentleness. I never want to stifle his curiosity or who he is. I love his wide openness, how goofy he can be, how he cares for others. I’m constantly reminding myself that my job is to accept and love him, while teaching him boundaries. Do any of y’all have a strong spirted little one? I’m taking all the advice. -@samantha.echols

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