pacifier clips

oversized burp cloths

teething rattles


teething necklaces for mommas

floral hats

translation missing:

MOTHERHOOD x IndieChic 004 // Stephanie Howell

I like to tell people I'm in the weeds right now. Deep.In. The.Weeds. The weeds are half gorgeous. Blooming, fragrant, stunning wildflowers. The other half are prickly and tall and...

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MOTHERHOOD x IndieChic 003 // Samantha E

‘Put that down’ ‘Get off of that!’ ‘Stop hitting’ ‘Self Control!!’ ‘What are you doing?’

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MOTHERHOOD x IndieChic 002 // Emily Kelly

On Friday June ripped a page out of Flora's passport which had been hand delivered and certified by the mailman about 15 minutes beforehand....

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MOTHERHOOD x IndieChic 001 // Samantha E

Motherhood works best when you don’t feel alone, when you have other mothers lifting you up and telling you ‘tomorrow’s another day, you’re doing great.’

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